January 2016 Collective ULTA Haul


Hello beautiful people!  I’m here to share with you today a collective ULTA haul for the month of January.  What can I say, I love ULTA!  I’ve never been big into Sephora because they were always so far away from where I lived.  The start of this haul began when I got an email that showed Tarte blushes being 50% off for platinum members.  I chose to get a blush and then decided to start to branch out and try some new brands.  My second haul came from wanting to try out micellar water and of course I came out with more than I intended.FotorCreatedblush.jpg

Let’s start out with my original purpose – the blush!  This is the shade “Exposed” from Tarte’s Amazonian Clay blushes.  It’s described as a nude, matte pink.  This blush is beautiful on the face and I love how natural this is!  My other blushes are very pink and this I feel looks like a beautiful glow of color on my pasty face without looking unnatural.  Of course since this is a Tarte blush it’s super pigmented and smooth in texture and stays put throughout the day.


The next purchase I was most excited about was an Anastasia brow kit.  Now I’ve never bought anything from Anastasia before and I have always heard so much hype about the clear brow gel and the brow whiz.  I typically fill my brows in with powder since they’re pretty full on their own so I wasn’t interested in the brow whiz.  The kit I got came with the clear brow gel – which does an amazing job of taming my unruly brows, duo brow powder in “dark brown” (which is a great match for me), and a dual ended brush that has an awesome spooly and very stiff angled brush.  I am in love and get the hype for these products.  However, I don’t know if I’ll repurchase the brow powder after I’m done with it.  I’m not too picky on powder and don’t see the sense of spending a lot of money on it when I can probably find a dark matte brown in the drugstore to fill in my brows.  I have tried a couple other clear brow gels but the Anastasia one is definitely the best.  I have yet to try the NYX control freak brow gel though, and I will probably try that before I decide if I should shell out the extra cash for the Anastasia one!


I already own a small IT Cosmetics brush for foundation, and I needed to get some more eye shadow brushes due to some of mine about to reach the end of their life!  I chose a cute brush roll that came with five brushes – complexion, crease, shadow, smudger, and liner/brow.  These brushes are so incredibly soft and so far they have worked very well for me.  I only paid about $30 for the brush roll and I couldn’t be more pleased with it.


IMG_0335.JPG                                                                IMG_0330.JPG

I have never owned anything from UD previously, but I always hear such awesome things about their shadows.  I own a lot of neutral and purple shadows so I wanted to get something fun and different and when I saw the Smoked palette on sale I had to grab it!  The shadows are true to pan except the blue (which I don’t mind) and they are so beautiful and pigmented.  The shadows are incredibly soft, the packaging is adorable, plus you get a sample size primer potion and an intense eyeliner in the shade “Perversion.”  As you can tell my sweet peanut Andersen was helping check out this palette!


I got this adorable sample for free!  I only own one other thing from Benefit which is their oxygen wow foundation, and to be frank there’s nothing wow about it!  This is Benefit’s They’re Real tinted lash primer in the shade “mink brown.”  I enjoy this primer for the most part, but I’ve never worn it just alone.  The wand is something I’m not crazy about with the little ball on the end.  I don’t usually use lash primers and I probably won’t repurchase this but it is nice.


I picked up some new lippie products!  I have been loving nude shades lately so I picked up a few more!  The first is NYX mega shine lip gloss in the shade “beige” which is a beautiful nude pink color.  The second shade I picked up is Maybelline’s vivid matte liquid in the shade “nude flush” which reminds me a lot of Wet n Wild’s “bare it all.”  I really have been enjoying these beautiful lip colors!  But they both are scented so beware if that’s something you don’t enjoy. IMG_0309 Neither of these are long lasting and they don’t claim to be.  While I was on the hunt for new brands to try I decided to give Smashbox a go!  I settled upon the primer water, which I wanted to take away any cake face look going on from glamming out!  I bought this in hopes that it would be similar to the crazy popular MAC fix plus (which I’ve never tried).  I have to say I kind of regret purchasing this product!  I feel that it makes me turn into an oil slick.  Although it does help with taking away a powdery look, the nozzle doesn’t spray very evenly and leaves large droplets on my face.  I will continue to try to use this product on days that my skin is super dry this winter and that’s probably it.  I’ve also tried this as a primer and it does not help at all! IMG_0308 I have always been curious about micellar waters and decided to pick up the new Garnier waterproof version!  I have to say this stuff is amaze-balls!  My eye makeup comes off so easily without any harsh rubbing!  The micellar water does a great job of removing my makeup and I love that it’s non-scented.  It claims that you don’t have to rinse after using it, but I always do.  I will probably not go back to using makeup remover wipes for my face after purchasing this product!


My last purchase is probably the least exciting – pore strips!  I’m addicting to using these even though they dry out my skin.  I only use pore strips about once a week and I get this weird satisfaction seeing my blackheads on the strip after it’s done!   This ends my ULTA haul for the month of January!  I usually don’t buy this much high end makeup, but I was very curious about trying new brands!  Thank you so much for reading lovelies and any comments or feedback is appreciated!  Please feel free to leave any suggestions on what you would like me to post about next!


PS here’s a cute bonus!  Andersen was wanting to help me blog!  He’s always my little shadow and interested in technology.  He’s very nosy and likes to make sure he’s the center of attention.


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