January 2016 Favorites

Apologies for not blogging lately beautiful people!  Work has been rather crazy and this winter weather just makes me so unmotivated!  But, I thought that I would share with you some of my favorites from January!  I’ll start out with my beauty favorites first.


Let’s start off with my favorite lippies of the month!  Normally I love bold, red lips but I got a sample of Urban Decay’s Stark Naked and I fell in love with nude lips!  My favoriteIMG_0296lipstick, which is totally a dupe for UD Stark Naked, is Wet N Wild’s Bare it all (top swatch).  This is such a beautiful color and it wears really well throughout the day.  It can be a little drying so I always make sure that I exfoliate or moisturize my lips really well before wearing it.  This month I did something that I haven’t done since middle school: purchase a lip gloss!  And wanna know something crazy?  I actually really love this lip gloss!  This is NYX’s Mega Shine Lip Gloss in the shade Beige.  It’s a beautiful nude pink color and it smells like cherries!  I personally enjoy the smell and I love how it gives a natural wash of color to my pale lips.  Although it’s not moisturizing, it also doesn’t dry out my lips like all of my other matte lipsticks that I own.  I was so shocked that I actually enjoyed a lip gloss, because I have bad memories of super sticky gloss with my hair stuck in it all the time from middle school and early high school.  I don’t feel like the NYX gloss is super sticky, and I’m curious to maybe try out some other colors from this line!


My next favorite has to be Benefit’s tinted lash primer in Mink Brown.  Although I probably won’t purchase the full size (as I got this as a free sample) I can appreciate this product!  I wore it alone for the first time today and I felt like it gave my lashes some more length without looking clumpy or too dramatic.  This helps to give a natural look to the lashes and I haven’t noticed losing any lashes when I take off my makeup.  This also doesn’t get clumpy when you put mascara on top of it when it dries.  Overall I am very pleased with this product and I have been using it everyday when I wear makeup and loving it!  I know some of you think it’s weird that I would have this as a favorite, but not want to purchase the full size.  I will tell you, I’m not huge on going out of my way to purchase a lash primer.  I do enjoy them from time to time and always use them when I get them as a free sample, but I don’t feel like my beauty routine or my lashes necessarily need one.  Therefore I will not go out of my way to purchase lash primers.


I have found some new skincare loves!  I purchased the Garnier Micellar Water in the waterproof version and let me tell you this: I am NEVER going back to makeup remover wipes for my face!  I hardly use any product on a cotton round and it is so amazing at getting off my toughest makeup.  I usually apply the product to a cotton round and then rest the cotton round on my eyelid for about 30-45 seconds and it wipes off all of my eye makeup!  I noticed that it doesn’t always get off all of my eyeliner, but it gets off more than anything else that I’ve ever used.  It claims on the bottle that you don’t have to rinse after, but I always do because I have more combo/oily skin and worry that it will break me out if just left on my face.  I also have been big on masks this month and have come to appreciate Freeman’s Mint and Lemon Clay mask!  I use this mask at least once a week and have noticed an improvement with my acne.  I apply the mask after I have removed my makeup and washed my face.  I apply it to damp skin and just let the magic happen!  Freeman’s is such an affordable brand and they make so many different masks that I had a hard time on which one to chose before I settles on the mint and lemon one!  I could not be more pleased with this product and I always look forward to when I can use this mask!  IMG_0343

Speaking of the skin, I have been adoring this foundation from Maybelline!  This is the Dream Wonder in 15 Ivory.  I’m pretty sure this foundation is discontinued (BOO) but I have really been enjoying the natural look it has on the skin, plus the medium coverage that I need!  I feel like you can build up this foundation to a fuller coverage and it does not look heavy or cakey!  To me this is liquid to powder magic in a bottle and it looks great on my skin and doesn’t make me an oil slick!  I hope Maybelline comes back out with this product before I finish this bottle!  I wish I would have tried this out sooner before it got discontinued because it’s truly amazing for my skin.  The main reason that I purchased this foundation is because I went into a Kmart that was having a closing sale and this was on the only foundation in my shade left so I figured I’d give it a go with the low price tag that was on it!


This is the Makeup Revolution Iconic 1 palette which is also my favorite palette for the month of January!  These are such beautiful nude shade and they blend so effortlessly and from swatches that I’ve seen, this is a GREAT dupe for the UD Naked 1 Palette!  Instead of that $54 price tag this bad boy is only $7!  The pigmentation on this palette is great, it wears wonderfully throughout the day, and is very usable in my everyday life!

My last “beauty” favorites are BBW Winter Candy apple and VS PINK Pretty and Pure body mist.  Now most people I know are on the Vanilla Noel side when it comes to BBW holiday scents but I am not really a fan of fake vanilla scented body lotions.  I’m slightly addicted to BBW and I’m ashamed of how many lotions I own from them!  I always tell myself I’m not going to by new lotions, but then they have some sort of awesome deal or new scent that I get suckered in!  But back to Winter Candy Apple, I love the scent of this and it’s my favorite holiday scent.  This is the scent I look most forward to in the winter time!  The body mist on the other hand is my favorite one that I own!  I used to be afraid to wear it because Victoria’s Secret no longer makes this scent and it is flipping amazing.  I finally got over that and told myself I need to enjoy it while I have it and plus it’s purple!  Does anyone else have weird commitment issues with not wanting to use a product because you don’t want to have to get rid of it?

Here are some other favorites of mine from the month on January.

Digimon Tamers!  I used to watch this as a kid, and I started watching it one day on Hulu and my boyfriend watched a few episodes with me and he became hooked.  It then became our nightly ritual to watch the show before bed after we were both off work.  I enjoyed re-watching a show that I loved growing up with the love of my life!  I also rediscovered Yu-Gi-Oh GX on Hulu and the boyfriend and I are in the process of watching it all now!  My boyfriend and I are kind of nerds and both enjoy anime.  We used to have Yu-Gi-Oh cards but I’m pretty sure that we lost them when we moved into our house.  (i’m secretly debating on whether or not to buy new cards so that the love bug and I can duel one another.)


Honolulu is a wonderful book by Alan Brennert.  It’s a story of a Korean picture bride who ends up in Hawaii and I loved every minute reading it.  I have always had a deep love for historical fiction when I was younger and been fascinated by other cultures.  This book portrays the struggle of being a picture bride, and it will hook you instantly.

I recently started to re-read the Harry Potter books.  Enough said, we all know Harry Potter is just the bee’s knees and I don’t need to elaborate why this would be a favorite.  The only thing I dislike about the HP series/universe is that I’m not a witch and never got a letter.

This ends my favorites for the month of January!  I apologize for not blogging for awhile!  Let me know what you would like to have me share with you next!  I’m debating on a skincare routine or another get ready with me!  Let me know what you think down below and thanks for reading!


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