Skincare Routine Winter 2016


So I thought I would share with you beautiful people my skincare routine this winter!  In case you were wondering about my skin type, it’s oily/combo but it’s not as oily as it used to be.  Also my skin is very acne prone and I have a lot of scarring.  Up above is the makeup I wore throughout the day.FotorCreatedmuremover

So to start things off I used Garnier’s Micellar Cleansing Water in the waterproof version with Swisspers cotton rounds.  I applied a matte red lipstick to try and show you the effectiveness of this product since I wasn’t wearing a lot of eye makeup.  As you can see the micellar water get a ton of product off and it’s super gentle!


The picture on the left shows my Mia 2 after I washed my face and then the brush head clean.  As you can see I still had some foundation on the face due to the slight discoloration but not much!  I use the Mia 2 on the low setting usually only on days that I wear makeup and only at night!  I have been using the Neutrogena Naturals Purifying Cream Cleanser and so far I’ve really enjoyed it!  It’s got a nice minty scent and cooling effect on the face but doesn’t strip away oils!  It’s a very nice cleanser and over the years I’ve learned that using a bunch of products with salysyllic acid or benzoyl peroxide just dries out my skin too much and makes it worse, so I’ve converted to using cleansers to just (wait for it…) CLEANSE!


I also mask about twice a week and always at night!  I use the Freeman Mint and Lemon Clay mask.  This mask is recommended for oily and breakout prone skin.  You could use this as a spot treatment or as a mask like I do!  The top picture is before the mask and the bottom picture is after.  I know the lighting is a little different but I feel like this mask really smooths, softens, and helps control my breakouts!  I love clay masks to help absorb extra oil and feel like they suit my skin better than peel-off or sheet masks.


For the rest of my night routine I follow up with my Neutrogena Rapid Clear Toner with a Swissper Cotton Round, Night of Olay Firming cream, and Equatte’s version of the Persa Gel 10 for acne spots!  I enjoy this toner and I always make sure I moisturize after so my skin doesn’t dry out!  I don’t mind the Olay firming cream but I feel like it’s too scented and might be making me breakout, but I have no other moisturizes as of right now!  And what can I say about my spot treatment?  It does everything I want it to do and feel like it shortens the life span of the acne on my face!

In the morning I usually just use a wet wash cloth with warm water and wipe off my face!  But recently I got a new face exfoliating wash from my very first Ipsy subscription!  So now in the morning I’ve just been using the exfoliating wash followed up by my toner and moisturizer.  I don’t usually use exfoliating products because I always hear bad things about them and the microbeads, but I feel like it’s helping to smooth out my skin even if it is a little scratchy!


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