Projects for 2017

I’m back! I have come to terms that I need to get back on track with blogging. Pretty sure my boyfriend is sick of hearing about makeup and seeing it. Last year I spent way too much money on makeup, so I want to set some goals for 2017 with beauty. No buy, project pan, 14 by February 14, and 100 days of makeup. At the moment I work full time third shift so I don’t do my makeup as often as I used to unless I go out. I enjoy doing makeup for myself and with as much as I own I should do it more.

No buy list for 2017


-body lotion


I own way too many lipsticks that there’s no way I could use them all in my lifetime. Same goes for eyeshadow and I’m sure I’m set for awhile on lotion. I own 17 lotions. That’s ridiculous.  I did just place an order on Coloured Raine for the the limited edition Queen of Hearts palette and a lipstick before I decided to  do this.  I’m hoping I can stay strong on the lipstick and eyeshadow portion of this deal, as I’m easily swayed by pretty colors.

Project pan

I have products I either want to use up by the end of the year or hit pan on.  Some is just makeup I’ve owned for a long time or get more use out of.

The items down below are products I want to finish by the end of the year or hit pan on.  I know I’ll finish the wet n wild face palette and foundations.  I want to use up the pink highlighter shade in my trio and use up the cream one completely.  I want to hit pan on the eyeshadow palette and blush.  I’ve had the eyeshadow palette for about two years and the blush even longer.  I would also love to finish these nude lipsticks and gloss and eyeliner.  I’m hoping the 100 days of makeup helps me complete this goal!


14 by February 14

I was creeping on project pan tags and saw this one. I remembered I had just finished two full size lotions, mascara, eyeliner and a foundation. So I told myself I could easily finish 9 more products by Valentine’s Day and I’m excited too. After I decided to start this little project I finished a face scrub. Granted it was only a deluxe size but I only used it once a week. A lot of the products I chose for this project are almost used up anyways and I figured this would be great motivation to do so and reach a small goal to get my excited for my others.  Excited to have eight more to go in a little less than a month!

100 days of makeup

since I’ve been working third shift I haven’t been doing my makeup as often as I used to.  I want to do my makeup more because I truly enjoy it and want to ensure that my money is being spent wisely vs just having something in my collection to look at.


Here’s my day one for 100 days of makeup.  I used the products I want to hit pan on and use up by Valentine’s Day mostly!  Super glowy!  I think I’ll try to post weekly pictures for the 100 days of makeup challenge!


I have some rules for myself as well.  If I run out of a red lipstick, I can’t purchase another one because I have probably over ten red lipsticks.  If I run out of a product and have no backups, I’m allowed to purchase more.  I’m going to unsubscribe from Ipsy and Scentbird after this month due to not truly enjoying them and just keep Boxycharm.  I really would like to downsize on my collection and only use products that I truly love and adore.  I want to be a better consumer and if I don’t like a product not force myself to use it and return it.img_0100

This is my makeup collection.  I know some people have much larger collections that I, but I feel like I have too much and need to spend less money on makeup and save it for other things.


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