Boxycharm and Ipsy January 2017

So both my ipsy and boxycharm arrived today so I was super excited! I used all of the color products for my day 2 of 100 days of makeup challenge and even hit empty on one of my 14 by February 14! I also hit the tiniest bit of pan on my wet n wild blush while swatching  and comparing it to the new blush I got! Overall it was a very good day with my projects and I’m excited to cancel ipsy now after 11 months.

Lets start with my ipsy bag. I’m sure you’ve all heard of the $10 subscription bag by now so I won’t go into too much detail. I’m choosing to cancel because I have so much makeup and the samples I get I haven’t enjoyed in a long time.

Items I got in my bag this month are

-pūr ~ lisse blue lotus seed mud mask+exfoliant

-temptu smooth and matte primer

-mannakadar beauty paradise blush

-naked cosmetics desert sunset pigment

-the balm Bahama mama bronzer

I was only excited about one product and that was the mud mask.  I used the mud mask after I took off my makeup, and it was nice.  I think this will be better in the summer time when my skin isn’t so dry.  Which, update, my skin has changed from combo/oily to normal/dry.  The primer was nice, but I could live without it.  I’ll definitely use it up.  I have a ton of blushes, so I wasn’t too excited about the one in my bag.  It’s a pretty color and looks nice on the cheeks, but with as many blushes that I have I don’t know how much I’ll use it.  The eyeshadow pigment is pretty, but I don’t use a lot of loose products.  I have a naked cosmetics pigment from my first month of ipsy and I swapped them out and will be giving away my old one.  The bronzer, I can’t stand.  I understand it’s suppose to be a sample size, but you can’t even get your brush in there!  I used it as an eyeshadow today, wasn’t too impressed and will be passing it along sadly.

Boxycharm is definitely my favorite between the two.  I know it’s not really fair to compare as there is a price different and Boxycharm is geared towards full size items vs samples.  I really liked the box this month, even though I don’t really need another highlighter.  I was hoping for the bronzer and I got it!  The variation was either the bronzer or a cream blush, which I don’t use cream products a lot.  I received the following items:

-vintage highlighter duo in chocolate diamond and rose quartz

-so Susan fan brush

-gorge amazing konjac sponge

-pür mineral glow bronzer

-adesse ultra suede matte top coat

The highlighter duo is very beautiful and much more wearable than the highlighter from a couple months ago.  I used the pink quartz shade today with the fan brush that came with the box and loved it!  I also really enjoy this bronzer.  Which this is my only bronzer I own.  I used to own a small sample size one from ipsy but I hated how small it was and trying to get a brush in it was impossible.  At first I thought the sponge was for makeup, but it’s for cleansing!  I used it with my cleanser after I took off my makeup and enjoyed it!  I was scared that it wouldn’t get soft enough, as it was rock hard before getting wet.  I didn’t use the top coat today, as I have acrylics.  I’ve only gotten acrylics I believe twice before.  Overall, I love the mix of this box and the products in it, another win for Boxycharm.

Here’s the look I created with both boxes and for 2/100 days of makeup!  I really enjoyed this look I got from both boxes!  I didn’t do my brows and brush my hair, so you’ll have the pardon those!



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