100 days of makeup update 1

Hello everyone!  I’m here to bring you an update on my 100 days of makeup challenge so far!



Mostly used products from my project pan stash and 14 by Feb 14!  Lip color is Bellapierre Antique Pink from November’s Boxycharm!  Proud to say I have officially canceled Ipsy and Scentbird, but I’m still keeping Boxycharm!



Went out with a friend so went all out!  Again mostly used products from 14 by Feb 14 and project pan!  Used Elf’s matte lip color in Wine.


Natural makeup, foundation, mascara, lipstick, powder, cream highlighter



Went grunge and tried out my new lipstick from Coloured Raine!  It’s in the shade Marshmallow.  Thought about posting a review on the Queen of Hearts palette but see that it’s sold out.  I still might review it, and I’m so glad to have purchased it before I put myself on my “no buy.”  I tried to do the cute half bun thing, but I have too much hair I think!



Three products: concealer, lipstick, mascara

Was really loving this simple look



Wanted some red lips: Blake’s Red from L’oreal



Used my Coloured Raine Queen of Hearts palette for the first time and loved it!  Lips are Bare Mineral in Swag in the matte lip cream.



Again mainly project pan and 14 by Feb 14 products!  Lips are Antique Pink by Bellapierre


I’m so excited to be one-tenth of the way done already!  I usually do my makeup either after I get home from work or before I go in!  I usually have to wipe it off right away, which makes me sad.  But I remind myself how much I love makeup and that I need to use what I have!  Let me know if you want full product details for each look!


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