Queen of Hearts Palette Review

Hello everyone! I’ve decided to do a review on the Queen of Hearts palette from coloured raine!

This palette is absolutely beautiful, and I’m so happy I was able to snag one before then went out of stock!  Sadly, Coloured Raine will not be re-releasing this palette, but I can’t wait to see what they come out with next!

Let’s start out with my experience.  I ordered this and a liquid lipstick, and I accidentally entered the wrong email.  I messaged customer service and got it straightened out so I was very pleased with that.  I felt like the shipping took FOREVER!  It’s probably because I was impatient and because the weather was crazy.  I stalked my tracking details and waited by the door until the mailman arrived to drop off my package the day it came.  No shame.

Everything about this is beautiful.  I know everyone adores the packaging and the shades and the reflective gold inside the palette (I do as well), but I feel like no one talks about the stunning promo card that came with.


Guys, how STUNNING is this promo card?  I keep it by my makeup to admire and get inspiration from.


Then of course is this incredibly beautiful decorative sleeve!  Sadly this print isn’t on the actual palette, but I keep it.  It’s too pretty to throw away!  The packaging in a sleek black with a texture similar to NARS style packaging.

An inside of the palette and my sweet boy posing alongside my order!  The colors in here are amazing!  The only downside is the reflective gold on the inside can make it difficult to get a good picture of the shades!


The shadows swatch beautifully expect for “Ladyship” which is the matte purple/berry color.  “Ladyship” is also the only shadow that it not vegan, as it contains carmine.  Unfortunately purples are hard to get right for texture in eyeshadows and lipsticks.  I’m extremely impressed with the colors in this palette and how easy they are to work with!  The shadows are extremely soft and smooth and look beautiful on the eyes.  I’ve only used this palette a few times but absolutely love it!  This palette would look great on every skin tone, which I think is something everyone can appreciate.  I’m so glad I purchased this and own it.  I hope Coloured Raine continues to put out amazing eyeshadow palettes like this.


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