February Haul 2017

Hello everyone!  Hope you are all having a great day!  I spent mine with my mom and went out shopping.  Of course I picked up beauty supplies!  I don’t think I did too bad, I tried to only get things I was low on.

img_0243I picked up the Urban Decay all night spray!  I have a L’oreal one, but it had an unpleasant smell in my opinion and I don’t really care for it.  I have tried the de-slick version in the past, but my skin has become drier so I’ve decided to get this one.


Decided to try this much loved mascara!  I got the deluxe because I feel like I can get three months use out of a deluxe mascara and feel that buying full size is kind of pointless.  I just opened my last mascara so I brought this one to use next.

img_0245I don’t own a dry shampoo to picked this up to try.  I’ve tried a couple in the past but hated the white cast in my hair so decided a colored one would be better.

img_0246Ran out of day time moisturizer so picked this up.

img_0247 I know I said I wouldn’t buy anymore eyeshadow this year, and I failed already.  I went to Kmart with my mom and it was having a “going out of business sale” and I wanted some more green eyeshadows.  This don’t seem very pigmented, but I’m willing to try and work with them.

img_0248Used up my lip balm; have a chapstick.  But decided I wanted a lip oil.  Tried it once so far and enjoy the scent and seems very moisturizing so far.

img_0249Been wanting to try some fun pops of color on the waterline so picked these up.  Would like to eventually get a blue one and maybe some of the new NYX faux black/white liners.

img_0250Ran out of hair treatment (which my hair is very dry so I need something).  Tried this before and liked it.

img_0251Enjoy the beautiful Andersen backdrop.  Picked up these super popular nugg masks to try and I might get more if I like them.

img_0252Didn’t need this but it was so pretty!  Lavender Steel.  Thought it might be a dupe for Lavender Snow from Jeffree Star, but it’s much pinker.

img_0253Didn’t need this either, but I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about this highlighter and finally found it at a Walgreens!

img_0254Got this to try, I was going to wait until I finished some more foundations before I bought any new ones.  But I’m almost done with two and one’s a summer shade so I picked this up!  It might be a little too warm for me, but the “neutral” colors were way too pink for my skin tone.

img_0256All color products swatched along with the lip oil; I thought it would be tinted.

Overall, I feel like I didn’t do too bad!  I definitely got some items that I didn’t absolutely need, but that happens all of the time anyways.


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