14 by February 14th

Guys I did so good for this goal and I’m so proud of myself!  This is like at 14 by February 14th/January and beginning of February empties!  The goal was 14 and I started this challenge last month so I tried to use up a lot of my deluxe sizes from subscription services or products that were getting low!

img_0320I hauled these nugg masks earlier this month and have tried them both!  I definitely liked the deep hydration one more than the deep cleansing one!  The deep cleansing one wasn’t too drying for my dry skin and enjoyed both.  I would pick these up again.

img_0321Two full sized lotions!  I have so many lotions I put myself on a no buy.  I had back ups of both of these scents and the back ups are the only winter lotion scents I have!  Winter Candy Apple is my favorite holiday scent from BBW and I love a Thousand Wishes!  I would love to try Magic in the Air once i use up some more lotions!

img_0323I love fresh clean scents for body wash and enjoyed this!  I didn’t repurchase this scent but I do have two other BBW body washes!

img_0322This micellar water is my favorite, but I prefer the waterproof version which is the one I am using now!

img_0324Three foundations.  I know the Kan Von D one isn’t used up all the way, but I couldn’t stand it and got rid of it.  It was so cakey and smelled like paint I couldn’t hold on to it.  I hardly ever go to Sephoras because they’re further from me than Ultas so I didn’t return it and get my money back sadly.  Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow from Benefit is an okay foundation.  It’s very sheer coverage so I had to mix it with other foundations to be able to cover my acne/acne scars.  L’oreal Infalliable pro-matte was very drying for my dry skin and looked heavy and cakey.  I tried using oils and setting sprays to get rid of it, but I still didn’t like it.  I own the pro glow foundation but it’s my summer shade so I won’t use that until I get darker or mix it with a lighter foundation!

img_0325Two mascaras I used up!  I try to only open one at a time and replace every 2-3 months!  I love the Super Sizer from covergirl, but this one was in the waterproof version and I didn’t like it as much as the original!  I’ve repurchased this before but I’m trying to test some other mascaras but will probably repurchase this one!  L’oreal Infalliable tubing mascara is great if you just want to darken your lashes and add a little bit of length!  I didn’t think I’d like a tubing mascara, but now I want to find one that is more lengthening.

img_0326Neutrogena multi vitamin nourishing moisturizer is very nice and lightweight.  Pur Lisse blue lotus moisturizer is one of my favorites I’ve tried.  Might buy a full size but have a new one I’m trying out first.

img_0327Two setting sprays.  Smashbox Primer Water is very nice and helps get rid of cakey looking makeup.  De slick from Urban Decay is nice, but since my face is dry I picked up the all nighter instead.

img_0328Pink Chiffon from BBW is so old I was so happy to use this up and I used up my juicy Couture scent from Scentbird!

img_0329Did not like this eyeliner, very drying and hard.  Only benefit is that it’s super dark.

img_0330Two face scrubs!  I liked the organic surge one more as it was not as abrasive and had a very nice scent.

img_0331This was a nice chapstick but wouldn’t buy again.

img_0332This smells so good!  I got it in an Ipsy bag.  I think it’s suppose to be used more before heat styling, but I used it to help soften my hair and loved it!  Probably wouldn’t repurchase due to price.

img_0333This shade was way too dark for me and I used it more as an illuminating primer and liked it for that.

23 empties guys!  I’m so proud of myself and love that I’m actually using up products instead of just letting them sit in my drawer and go bad!  Let me know if you guys have heard of any other use it up challenges that you think I should try!


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