Lush haul February 2017

Hello everyone!  So I decided to treat myself with some of my tax return money and get some Lush goodies!  I usually on get Lush a couple times a year because I spend too much money, I don’t like ordering online, and the closest store is a couple hours away.  I broke down and placed an online order and then I found out my mom did place an order for my birthday which isn’t until the end of March.  I don’t like placing online orders because they always come crumbled no matter how many biodegradable packing peanuts there are!

img_0348Dragon’s Egg bath bomb which is very fun!  I’ve had this before and it turns the bath water orange and it has popping candies in it!  It’s very fruity in scent and I really enjoy it.

img_0349Rose bombshell bath bomb is from the Valentine’s Day collection and as you can see I one is split in half.  My mom bought me one and I got the other!  I have tried one and it turns the water a beautiful pink color and has rose petals in the center and of course smells like roses!

img_0350Pink bath bomb is one of my favorites and smells like candy, turns your water pink, and has little hearts come out when it fizzes!

img_0351Sex bath bomb is very beautiful.  It turns into a beautiful deep pink color in the water and has a small rose and a very sensual scent.

img_0352Avobath Bath bomb has very nice lemon-y scent and turns the water green and is very nourishing due to the avocado in it.

img_0353I LOVE guardian of the forest bath bomb!  It’s glittery, smells like moss, and turns the water a gorgeous emerald color.

img_0354Cupid bath bomb is one of the Valentine’s Day ones and looks so cute!  Apparently it’s suppose to smell like berries, I’m very excited to use it!

img_0355I don’t mind the bubble bars, but this is my favorite!  Blue skies and fluffy clouds!  It has patchouli in it and turns the water a light blue color.  You get a TON of bubbles from the bubble bars but I feel like the bubbles go away really fast but I still enjoy using them!

img_0356 Intergalactic bath bomb is my favorite bath bomb so I got two.  It turns the water a deep blue color, has glitter, and a nice light mint scent.  It looks like a galaxy in your bath tub with the glitter swirling around in the water!

img_0357Lover lamp bath bomb is one my mom got for me from the Valentine’s day collection.  I was going to get this when I placed my order but it was out of stock!  It looks cute with the little hearts on the side, but can’t wait to see what it looks like in the water.

img_0358Yoga bath bomb is very moisturizing and is one my mom got me.  I have only used this once before and don’t remember too much about it.  But I love most lush bath bombs so I will gladly use it.

img_0359Over and over bath bomb is one my mom got for me and is part of hte Valentine’s day collection.  Unsure of the scent and color the water will turn but again can’t wait to use it.  I love all of Lush’s bath bombs except the toffee scented ones!

img_0360A bubble bar from the Valentine’s Day collection my mom got for me.  I guess my sister tried to steal it.  I believe it’s called Lovestruck.

img_0361D’fluff shaving cream!  It has a light strawberry scent and I can’t wait to try it!  I already have five pots to turn in for a free face mask, but I just haven’t gotten to a Lush store to turn them in!

img_0362With every online order, at least ones that I’ve placed, you get a free sample of soap!  The one I got was outback mate!  I wish you could choose samples of body wash or other items like you can at an actual Lush store!

As you can tell I have plenty of Lush goodies to keep me happy for awhile!  I love most of the bath bombs!  I do NOT enjoy the toffee scented ones though they make me sick to my stomach.  Which makes me sad because the experimenter bath bomb is one that’s toffee scents and is very beautiful in the tub.  If the experimenter had a different scent it would probably be my second favorite bath bomb in their collection!  I do wish that Lord of Misrule was a permanent bath bomb instead of just for holidays!  I know that the Easter collection will probably be coming out soon, but I’ve never gotten anything from the Easter collection and this is the first year I’ve gotten the Valentine’s collection.


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