February 2017 Boxycharm


After what feels like forever my Boxycharm finally arrived.  It was well worth the wait though.  Here is what I got in this months box.

img_0369 Dr. Brandt Microdermabrasion was in everyone’s box this month!  It’s valued at $79 which is way more than I would ever pay for a face scrub.  I used it once and it’s very nice, the exfoliating party is very fine and leaves the skin soft and has a pleasant scent.  There’s also a coupon for 25% off your order

I got this beautiful lipstick by doucce in the shade gorgeous red.  It’s the mineral matt lipstick and valued at $20.  It’s very creamy, and I don’t fell that it’s really matte at all.  It’s comfortable though and has a nice sweet scent to it.  I didn’t see too many people receive this lipstick, but I think everyone got some form of lipstick or lip gloss this month.

img_0372 Three piece eye kit from Sedona Lace.  A blender brush, an eyebrow double ended brush, and an eyeliner brush valued at $39.95.  I have used the eyebrow and blending brushed and enjoy them so far.  Haven’t washed them yet so unsure of how they’ll hold up with washes.  I believe everyone got some sort of eyeshadow brushes this month.

img_0373 Small Z palette made for Boxycharm with two makeup geek eyeshadows.  Z palette valued at $14 and the two eyeshadows $12.  The eyeshadows are in the shade Barcelona beach and beaches n cream.  Two matte natural colors that I will certainly get use out of.  I didn’t own a z palette before so I’m happy to have gotten it.  Everyone got this palette along with two variations of the eyeshadows.

Overall value of the box this month: 164.95

How amazing is it to get all of this for only $21 a month?  Boxycharm never disappoints me!


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