Anastsia Beverly Hills Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit

Hello everyone!  Sorry for the delay my great-grandma died and had the wake and funeral and been busy with work.  But I’m back!  So I’m going to do a first impressions of the new ABH glow kit collab with Nicole Guerriero.


The packaging is beautiful first off.  It’s pink with tiny sparkles all over it, which I know you can’t tell by the picture.  The wording on it is holographic and it has six highlights for $40.  I don’t own any other ABH glow kits so I can’t compare the formula, but they’re normally 4 highlights for $40.


The colors in her are beautiful and to be honest I bought it for forever lit and kitty kat.  Daydream and forever young are very beautiful too and 143 and glo getter are probably too dark for me.  You get a nice range of colors.


Swatches of the palette.  They don’t come off glittery on the skin although a few shades look glittery in the pan.  They’re highly metallic and pigmented and probably wouldn’t be good on mature skin due to texture.  The formula feels smooth.  Not super buttery but I don’t mind that.

Overall it’s a beautiful palette and I’m glad I own it!  Did any of you purchase it?


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